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We are an experienced team, leveraging on your specific requirement.
Our team provide extendable marketing expertise to suit your desired app proposition.

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We are an experienced, efficient and reliable team.According to the clients budget and functional requirements, we provide efficient, stable, strongly extendable mobile developer program.Timely communication with customers, skilled technical capacity, a comprehensive needs analysis and project deployment, prove our purpose as the core of user experience.


We utilize and integrate a large number of resources to provide fast feedback, after-sales service in order to deliver a high quality product for clients. We will integrate a variety of needs to provide the best e-commerce solutions for your business.

A Care For Standards

Management and the business backbone of professional working experience in normative and technical services to literacy, to enhance the overall professional and technical service capability and level of the team, to ensure the professional quality of service

Mobile Apps

We focus on the development of iPhone, iPad, Android mobile field software, games and Java backend software at the same time with the art team, the 3D modeling team and planning team.

Games & Social Fun

Many of our applications have been submitted and approved by the Apple App Store, such as: Dino Crisis 3D, Black and White,My Pets, finger painting and so on.

at our work

Our Clients' Mobile Apps are available to Apple Appstore and Google Play Store.

We are a young dedicated team
with big ideas!

App Analysis

Know your customers well

Open source, real-time mobile analytics platform. It provides insights about user actions inside your mobile application and helps improve your product.

App Marketing

Promo Your App in different way

App Keyword Analysis, App social network and other 3rd party which is going to generate more users.

Push Notification

Now, everyone can push.

Unlimited Apps with unlimited number of push notifications.

Apps to Apps

Apps ECO System

This service allows you to promote apps within apps.

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The Company was founded in late 2012. We are involved in several key technologies and solutions. We are focusing on providing cross-platform mobile application, web design, website construction.